Financial Literacy program

The goal of the Financial Literacy program is to help people and society become financially literate. We create accessible educational tools for teaching finance, economy and law for teachers and parents and their children aged 5-18 years.

To answer the question of what finance-related knowledge children need, and from what age, we created a map of competencies that provides the methodology basis for any new program-related product. The materials are available publicly and can be used to teach children and refresh adults’ knowledge. The content is specifically adapted for children aged 5-18 years with engaging situations and heroes. The experience is interactive, with live action games, online apps, tasks, discussions, exercises, learning by teaching, etc. The content is presented in ready-to-use scenarios, games and lessons.

The program in numbers

3mn school students
90,000 teachers
50 orphanages
87 teams of volunteers

Financial Literacy program streams

Volunteer-run program 'Financial Literacy for the Orphanage Graduates

In 2020, Sberbank-run charity foundation ‘Investment in the Future’ developed a volunteer program called ‘Financial Literacy for Orphans’. We invite volunteers to become trainers with our financial literacy course.

The goal of the program is to change the financial behavior of children in orphanages by teaching skills they will later use in real life. The program was developed with The Center of Equal Opportunities 'Step Up' and Charity Foundation For Foster Children 'Shalash'. Thanks to this program, children learn how to handle money, recognize scams and gain down-to-earth financial skills such as making a shopping list, planning the budget and talking with bank employees.

Financial Literacy for children aged 5-18 years

More than 15 scenarios for games-based lessons were developed, as well as methodological materials, a video talking about welfare, and a set of 130 interdisciplinary financial literacy tasks for teachers, spanning across 9 school subjects.

Financial literacy for a discussion with parents.

Parents who want to make their children financially literate can leverage training materials that include a textbook, a website that helps to navigate the financial literacy products and podcasts that they can watch together and discuss. With these materials children will be able to understand how financial instruments work, what is money and bank cards, plan the budget for a birthday party, save for a dream, protect themselves from scams and learn many other useful things.

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