Model of change in educational institutions

The mission of the Program is to create an environment where the culture of interpersonal relationships, teaching practices, and space planning promote personality potential development of children and adults.

Personality potential is understood as the ability to determine one's unique set of resources (capabilities, competences, skills and knowledge) needed for both self-directedness and control over the outcome – to achieve goals set with awareness.

Presentation "Building Social and Emotional Skills in Pre - and Primary Schools Learners"

Values of an educational institution contributing to personality potential development

  • Diversity

  • Initiative

  • Sense

  • Creation

  • Openness to change

  • Dialog

  • Confidence

Spheres of change in educational institutions for personality potential development

  1. Organizational culture (relationships, management based on data and feedback)

  2. Personal and professional development of teachers (professional communities that learn)

  3. Content and structure of the learning and nurturing process

  4. Space planning and object environment in an educational institution