About Foundation

Sberbank, Russia, achives outstanding results investing in development of soft skills of its employees such as systems thinking and responsibility, self-management skill, collaboration and empathy. It is important that this responsible behavioral paradigm and successful client-oriented business strategy were perceived and fostered by other companies and organizations and by society in general. To enhance and to promote this process the Sberbank Charitable Foundation «Investment to the Future» was founded in 2015.

The Foundation carries on the tradition of Sberbank charity initiatives and brings social investment to a whole new strategic level; it accumulates and sponsors the projects that helps to gather necessary knowledge and skills for further successful development of future generations.

The Foundation supports various initiatives that address the effective adaptation and socialization of children left without parental care and children with developmental challenges in our complicated and fast-paced world.

We look to the future with confidence and we strive to share our knowledge with everyone who share our goals and values.

The Foundation's Activity

The activity of the Sberbank’s Charitable Foundation «Investment to the Future» is to support the development of modern Russian education considering the challenges of the XXI century and the development of inclusive environment to ensure equal opportunities for personality realization and full-fledged life to all society members regardless of their physical or mental development.

As a «Modern Education» activity The Foundation initiates and supports projects educating learners for the XXI century skills and new literacies. As «Inclusive Environment» developing the Foundation supports projects and replicates best practices of socialization, adaptation, vocational guidance, employment of children left without parental care or children with mental disabilities.

The Foundation does not provide targeted support upon request of organizations and individuals.

Annual report 2019/2020

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